Gavin Sequeira interviews Zahrina Robertson – Marketing Professional Turned Photographer, Videographer & Personal Brand Visibility Expert

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Interview With Zahrina Robertson

In this podcast, Zahrina shares her journey from the corporate world where she was in Marketing for fashion powerhouse Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy (LVMH) and was doing really well. She was achieving great results professionally, however unfortunately became the subject of bullying from one of her colleagues. This ended up affecting her skin and was not good for her mental health and unfortunately the way management handled it was not really supportive. This is where Zahrina made a promise to herself that if she didn’t enjoy doing something, she simply wouldn’t do it. This was a turning point that encouraged Zahrina to become an entrepreneur and focus on her passion of photography.

Today, Zahrina works with coaches, thought leaders, speakers, authors and business people elevating their brands and focuses on story telling using video and imagery and utilised the skills in marketing that she learned in corporate. She allowed her business to grow organically from photography to videography and then onto branding, being this trailblazer in her field whilst nurturing a growing family. She is an international speaker, runs her own art gallery online which allows her the creativity space to be herself and showcases her designs and work with the business community, as well as celebrities such as Tony Robbins, Richard Branson, Simon Sinek and other influencers. She supports many charities such as the Seabin project that work to clean the oceans. Visit: for more information and to connect with Zahrina and her work and as well her social media profiles.

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