Gavin Sequeira interviews King Raj Singh – IT/Computer Technician Turned Real Estate Investor, Lead Singer And Passive Income Artiste

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Interview With King Raj Singh

In this podcast, Raj shares how he was able to shift his mindset by following successful people, which led him out of his corporate job as an IT/Computer Consultant towards becoming a successful Real Estate Investor that saw him featured on late night TV. This enabled him to quit his full time job. However, when the housing market crashed, he had the challenge of having to rebuild from scratch and learnt an important lesson of not pouting all his eggs in one basket. This got Raj exploring into many vehicles where he could leverage passive income such as ATM machines, Forex investing, Amazon automated stores. Once again, he credits his knowledge from mentors and people he looked up to that had the success he was wanting to emulate.. and associated with the likes of Bob Proctor, Jordan Belfort, Dr. John Demartini, Tai Lopez and others.

Raj shared his personal life journey in a TEDx talk to inspire people into taking action to change their mindset and their lives and he loves teaching people a systematic way of doing this to develop passive income and therefore more freedom in their lives. Raj is the Founder & CEO of Financial Freedom Mastery Academy, which provides people with an in depth insight into his proven, successful ‘5M Money Personality System’. Raj loves creating freedom to be able to ‘play’ more with like-minded people and encourages us all to do this. Visit: to connect with Raj and get access to a special gift he’s prepared for our audience, i.e. the ‘Money Personality Assessment’ complimentary, and I know that this will be a massive help no matter where you’re at.

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