Gavin Sequeira Interviews Amy To – Financial Planner Turned Restaurater & Community Builder

Gavin Sequeira Interviews Amy To - Financial Planner Turned Restauranter & Community Builder

Interview With Amy To

In this podcast, Amy shares how she began her journey in the corporate world working in several roles ranging from customer service to financial planning and it wasn’t till early on in her marriage that an opportunity for her husband Alan and her to enter the hospitality business as restaurant owners became a reality. Amy shares all the highs and lows over the last several years of being in business and how they literally learnt on the job. Neither had business experience or an understanding of the restaurant business, but they took it upon themselves to learn everything they could and really listen to their customers, creating a cafe restaurant for the people, by the people.

Fast forward to today and 17 years later, Amor Mexico is a thriving restaurant, but its become more than just an eatery. It is a community hub that focuses on people and stories. Amy has worked tirelessly to develop a culture in her business that underpins the success of the restaurant and makes it stand out. Amy shares her deep philosophy of learning, growing and having fun whilst growing her business and having gratitude for everything that happens. You will pick up many gems in this enlightening conversation. Visit Amor Mexico at

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