Gavin Sequeira Interviews Liza Choa – Corporate Sales Gun Turned Digital Content Advisor

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Interview with Liza Choa

In this podcast, Liza openly shares how she embarked on her entrepreneurial journey to start a part time business whilst being in a demanding corporate sales job where she excelled. Not satisfied with smashing her targets and being a top achiever, Liza yearned for having time freedom and looking after her health and was getting burnt out with stress. Her journey to begin her online business in the network marketing business saw her reach top leadership positions and through her dedication she changed the lives of thousands of people around the world. Her business Content Maximiser provides solutions for all types of businesses (

Today, Liza is in control of her own time, looks after her health, is able to live a balanced lifestyle and is busy changing more and more lives as she spreads her teachings across industries and therefore hundreds and thousands of everyday consumers. I hope you enjoy this interview as much as I did and hope you take away a lot of great advice from Liza.

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Dale Beaumont

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John Di Natale

MD, BIGthink! Business Booster