Five Bad Habits That Could Be Holding You Back From Success

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2. Procrastination

One of the best-known killers of success is procrastination. No matter how good you are at what you do, life will find a way to challenge you. It could be having things just pop up unexpected and clash, which means you having to constantly cancel and change plans. Sometimes its unavoidable, and other times it’s just too convenient and you’ll always find ways to justify it.

To be successful at what you do requires solid focus and commitment. This requires you to prioritise and say ‘no’ to many things that would otherwise ‘steal’ your time — i.e. a phone call, text message, favourite TV program, snacking, the urge to clean the house, or do shopping. Get your priorities right. Have a reward system for achieving goals and just work through them one by one.

3. Talking about it rather than doing it

We are by nature creatures of habit and get stuck in our daily routines and in our comfort zones. We romanticise about things we’d like to do one day and never take action. We may not necessarily like our current situation and want more out of life, but we’re too comfortable to make any major shifts in our behaviour, or changes to our environment and social circles.

Time for talking and dreaming is done. Get busy ‘doing’ and moving forward each day. Action creates momentum and momentum creates energy and soon you will start to propel yourself forward and begin kicking goals. It’s a simple formula, you just need to apply it.

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