Business Mindset Secrets Exposed!

Developing a business mindset requires discipline and focus. My karate training is instrumental in helping me develop a mental toughness I value in my personal life and business.

I grew up idolising Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris, Jackie Chan and others. What unites them is their love and passion for martial arts. So this became a goal of mine to pursue martial arts.

Each week at training, I learn a lot of technical abilities to defend myself, but it is the discipline and mental toughness that permeates through all parts of my life.

In fact, there are 3 distinct ‘secrets’ that karate teaches me, that I’d like to share with you. I know this will help you develop a tough business mindset and have a lasting positive impact in your life and business.


1. Show Up – Business Mindset Secret #1

Whether you are going to a meeting, picking up your kids from school, attending a dinner invitation, always be punctual! Showing up is half the challenge for most people. The world is full of excuses. It may be raining, or you’re feeling tired or lazy and have been procrastinating on getting a task done. My recommendation is to just do it! Always do your best to show up to your meetings, classes, training and appointments. You will begin developing success habits that will have far reaching positive influences in all areas of your life.

When you ‘do’ show up, smile and be enthusiastic! Be happy! People love to be around positive energy. So, wherever you turn up and present yourself, remember to put on your happy face! This is something I consciously do each week at Karate. The results are a positive influence on my overall life and strengthens my business mindset and attitude.


2. Practice Fundamentals – Business Mindset Secret #2

The one thing that is abundantly clear when I talk to many of the black belts is that they all practice their fundamentals daily! Regardless of their skill level, they show up for basics training just like every one else, no excuses. I am always impressed to see the commitment and dedication these more experienced martial arts students display. Relating to business, there are many fundamentals we should be practicing, ensuring we are well prepared for life’s challenges.

For someone who’s been in sales, one of the fundamentals may be doing follow up calls or cold calling. Most people won’t do this consistently and it’s a major reason why some sales people are more successful than others. The successful people practice the fundamentals, day in and day out, whereas others get complacent and lazy. Imagine a builder doing construction on your house without having doing the fundamental checks and due diligence required! You can’t afford to get lazy in business. Start the transformation today and begin developing a strong business mindset!


3. Never Quit – Business Mindset Secret #3

My instructor always says that a black belt is simply a white belt that never gave up! I really love this philosophy, because it is so pertinent to business. All business owners face challenges and most will give up when things get tough. It’s a sad fact of life. The first hint of trouble and they’re gone! Don’t let this be you!

Let’s learn from these sensei’s that if you simply stay the course, you will achieve your goals. In business it’s no different. By staying the course and getting better at your craft, you will see results and start achieving your goals. A fantastic reminder to never quit!

My experience training in karate continues to teach me so many valuable lessons. These include courage, discipline and fighting hard for what you believe in. Karate has also helped me strengthen my business mindset, which has been responsible for my success both professionally and personally. Now that you know these secret tips, I hope it helps you succeed in your life and business.

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