Breaking Free // Becoming Your Own Boss

Breaking Free - Becoming Your Own Boss

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New financial year, new business idea? Whether you’re dreaming of breaking out of the corporate rat race or want to boost your entrepreneurial power, don’t make these top five mistakes in your new business venture.

Gavin Sequeira, author of Break Free From Corporate – Be Your Own Boss tells haven the top reasons ex-corporates fail in their new business. Are you making these critical mistakes?

  1. They spend like they did in corporate and the money runs out FAST with little return.
  2. They don’t know how to get the right support they need to grow a business like they had in corporate.
  3. They jump into a business emotionally to escape a job they hate.
  4. They are completely idealistic, have no real strategy and quickly wind up in trouble.
  5. Their corporate egos get bruised very quickly and self-esteem plummets, which has a huge impact on the success of the business.

Gavin says, “A lot of people contemplate leaving their jobs one day, in pursuit of a passion or business opportunity. They have little guidance or background when it comes to actually running their own business and often are operating blind, with the odds stacked against them, eventually leading to failure. It’s little surprise then, that over 90% of businesses don’t make it past the first couple of years”.

Coaching hundreds of business owners on several key strategies he unlocked from some of the world’s leading entrepreneurs inspired Gavin to write and publish Break Free From Corporate – Be Your Own Boss. “If people out there are serious about achieving their dreams and goals and not just wishing it would happen, then now is the time to open your mind, be guided through a new chapter of your life and gain valuable skills in the real world, that will allow yourself to choose a passion of yours and be successfully in business.”

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