If you are still stuck to your job and and are looking to achieve more out of life than you are right now, then you need to change. You need to work out if what you are doing right now will get you to where you want to go in the future. If the answer is no, then ask yourself this question: “Are you prepared to move away from your current job?” No one is suggesting you go and quit tomorrow – that would just be bad advice and extremely risky!

However, with careful planning and guidance, you can prepare to transition yourself out of your current situation and move into the space that will allow you to grow, develop and explore your own potential to live a more fulfilled life.

Below is a checklist that contains 10 items that all indicate its time to move on. Take the time to rate each of them from 1 to 5, with 1 being unlikely and 5 being most likely. Then add up your scores at the end to determine which category you fall under.

Have fun with this checklist and I look forward to connecting with you through our Break Free From Corporate community on Facebook.

Essential Checkpoints That Scream Out “I’VE GOT TO BREAK FREE”!

  1. You are plain and simply bored with your job. You can do it in your sleep. You’ve lost the passion to go into work, you’re no longer excited to be working for your company and find yourself day dreaming in meetings, yearning to be elsewhere, doing something exciting again!
  2. You just don’t see eye to eye with your boss, manager, supervisor, team leader. They constantly hinder your progress, put up roadblocks to you moving forward and just a general pain to work with.
  3. The workplace is quite toxic, you don’t fit in, you don’t agree with the style and management, you feel that you are compromising some of your values by staying on and you just don’t want to be a part of that environment any longer.
  4. Time is ticking by, you’re not getting any younger, the economy is becoming less predictable and you’d rather not waste anymore precious time working for someone else, when you have all the skill, knowledge and passion to go out on your own and make it happen!
  5. The company is heading in a new direction that you don’t agree with. There’s corporate restructuring going on and you don’t identify with the new vision and direction. You just don’t fit in this new picture going forward, so its finally time to hit the road!
  6. You’ve got this burning ambition deep inside of you to create something out of your passion and find a new path that is fulfilling and meaningful to you and to make this happen you need to get out of your current situation.
  7. You’re sick and tired of following the herd and you realise that if you continue on as you have been, soon you’ll be facing either retirement or retrenchment and the prospects of this scares you because you are just not ready yet to give in the towel!
  8. You’ve been waiting for the right time to take up that opportunity, or start that business you’ve been dreaming of, or to go into partnership with that friend you’ve talked about for years…and finally you’re ready!
  9. You’ve been following technological advancements that make it easier than ever to work from home, set up your own business, form virtual teams, buy and sell online, join and even create communities that YOU want to be a part of…and you figure why aren’t you doing it?
  10. You feel left behind as you hear of that friend that started up their online business and working from home, or the other family member running a dance studio because they’re following their dream. You wonder what life could be like if you went out and made it happen.

Now lets see how you did!

LOW RISK – If you scored a total of 15 or less, I’d say you may want to carefully consider your situation before you make any rash decisions. You can consider yourself low-risk in that you still have time to work out what it is you want to achieve in life. So no need to jump ship just yet – its not worth the risk!

MEDIUM – If you scored between 15 and 35, then you are of a medium risk, which means you’re neither here nor there, but ready to make that transition when the ‘timing is right’ – you’ve been thinking about it for some time. just haven’t found the urge to change just yet. Guess what? You are in a comfort zone busting to get out, but just need that nudge!

HIGH RISK – If you scored 36 and above, its highly likely that every day is sucking the life out of you and you really need to get out of your current work environment as soon as you can. If you don’t choose to leave on your own, the situation could get ugly and you risk being asked to leave because you’re just not in the right place where you belong. Time to make that leap of faith – you’ve waited far too long and you’re ready!

Hope this gives you a better sense of direction in terms of whether you should be looking to change careers. I know its simplistic, but sometimes getting real simple to make these decisions is what life is all about. Until you can do this on a consistent basis, you will be forever stuck in a rut wondering what if? when should I, etc.

Either way, you’ll want to grab a copy of my book “Break Free From Corporate – Be Your Own Boss” and start working through the 10 success strategies I recommend EVERYONE do to ensure that no matter what you scored yourself above, you’ll give yourself the BEST chance to succeed in your future endeavours.

Good luck in your transition and keep in touch with us to share your journey!

What did you discover from doing this exercise? Did it reconfirm what you already knew or did you now reach a sense of urgency to do something that you’ve been putting off for a while? Reply below to leave a comment. We’d love to get your insights as this can help many others in a similar position as yourself. Best responses will get shared on our Facebook page. We look forward to hearing your feedback!