7 Things Exceptionally Successful People Do Every Day

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There are few individuals in this world that simply do and accomplish extraordinary things that us mere mortals find hard to comprehend. What is it that makes them so different to us? We’re all human with our basic wants and needs. However, after many studies in what drives success, there’s been some key characteristics that show up repeatedly, time and time again with all of the great minds of our time. So what are these? and can we learn to train ourselves to mimic this? Well give it a go and you’ll be moving in the right direction. The true test will be forming a habit to do it unconsciously, so it is second nature. It’s not as simple as it sounds….here are the top 7 daily habits of highly successful people.

1. Work outside your comfort zone and give it a go

Top entrepreneurs seem to thrive when they are stretched. They are always pushing the boundaries of ‘what if’, ‘how can i make that work’, ‘how can I do that better’! They challenge the norm and are not prepared to settle for the way things are. They are ‘creators’ and mostly work in the unknown. This for most of us means stepping outside our comfort zone and questioning the world around us, looking for opportunities to improve.

Do you know what your comfort zone is? It’s the state in which one feels familiar, at ease and in control. Going outside this means that you’re body is consistently in a state of anxiety and stress. Some people move away from this, as they are risk averse, while most of the worlds top entrepreneurs thrive on it, willing to take the risks, so that they can live on the edge, constantly evolving, adapting and expanding their horizons. When you find yourself in unfamiliar territory, thats when the magic happens!

2. Plan each day before it begins, so you wake up with purpose and action

Most of us dread waking up in the morning because it means having to face another day at the office. Sunday night is often cited as the most dreaded of all because it means having to face another week just like the previous one. Who wants to live a life that they dread?

Top entrepreneurs rarely have the same day, they are always planning on how to make it different, better, more exciting, more purposeful, more meaningful. They take the time to plan their future, whether it’s weeks, months or years from now, even down to planning the night before, so that they wake up energised, on purpose, excited and with pre-planned actions to ensure they move one step closer to achieving their goals. How much of your life is planned and how much do you leave to chance?

3. Work in a collaborative environment and surround yourself with smart people

Some of the worlds leading entrepreneurs like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Richard Branson and Mark Zuckerberg all had great ideas and a vision to making it a reality. What they also had was a great team around them right from the beginning. They ensured that they had smart people to collaborate with, strategise with and ultimately work with. In a team environment, everyone achieves more – its true.

Collaboration allows you to refine your thinking and challenge yourself. You are only limited by your thinking and when you are stretched to become better by those around you, that is when you and your team can shine and do something really wonderful!

4. Track the details but always focus on the BIG picture

It’s tough to find the right balance between the big picture and the fine details. Details will always serve you well because it means having a strong grasp on your business and understanding what works and what doesn’t, being able to track results and make changes or improvements based on facts not guesswork. However, as technician entrepreneurs sometimes we get lost in the ‘doing’ and not enough on ‘building’.

We spend too much time IN and not ON the business. Never losing sight of WHY you are in business and what your end goals are will help you prioritise on the work you end up doing in your business. If you are not building your business, then who is? Top entrepreneurs find great people to help them get the work done, while they spend their time on how to take the business to the next level. Don’t get lost in the details!

5. Get the job done

It’s human behaviour to procrastinate. We all do it whether we like to admit it or not. The only difference is the degree to how much we can control it. You’ll find that some of the best entrepreneurs have a laser-like focus when it comes to getting their planned jobs done. At times they are almost obsessed and selfish, often making sacrifices most of us would not be prepared to make. However, they achieve extra-ordinary success. This is why they can get more done in a day than some of us can do in a week or a month.

So how can we learn from this? If you have an important task to accomplish, like making those customer calls, then make it your priority to get it done. Do the dishes later, mow the lawn on the weekend, don’t let TV distract you and avoid spending hours in front of Facebook. Sure you may be able to multi-task, but we all know that when you focus 100% on a given task, you are so much more productive and likely to get it done. At the end of the day, lead from the front and get it done!

6. Never give up and refuse to take no for an answer

How do you react when you hit a wall? Do you feel at times like the wind has been sucked out of your sails? When all options are exhausted and you are staring down the barrel at defeat? These are the times we all dread because for most of us, it’s the end of the road. Most people will give up as soon as they hit their first hurdle. Few will go past and only the stubborn and dogged amongst us will persevere long enough and far enough to climb that mountain we all need to eventually climb. Top entrepreneurs look for these mountains even before they begin. They choose to build their business for the pure pleasure of successfully navigating past where no one has been before, forever changing the landscape behind them. Almost all of them are deemed crazy by those around them, and they have to contend with people saying it can’t be done, it’s not possible.

Think of the Wright brothers trying to make human beings fly! Back in those days, they were the laughing stock of everyone around them. However they were not interested in the ‘no’s, instead they were obsessed in finding a way to make it happen and they refused to give up. Today we wouldn’t be able to imagine a world without planes. It’s united the world which has forever changed how economies have evolved. Have YOU given up on YOUR dream?

7. Always look to grow and learn

One of our great capacities as human beings is to grow and learn. We have this unique ability and our brain is well equipped for the task. To this day we as humans have only barely scratched the surface when it comes to tapping our potential. Unfortunately most of us stop actively learning and growing once our formal education stops and we allow ourselves to just remain stagnant in our jobs and family lives. The world on the other hand is unforgiving and is constantly moving forward, times are changing and the way we do things is moving at such a phenomenal rate we just can’t afford to not be constantly learning and growing.

If you are in business, how active are you in researching the latest trends, tools, resources, technology and people to help you move forward faster? Are you trying to do it all on your own with ill advice or no advice at all, or are you looking to develop your skills, grow as a person and evolve your state of being, so that you become a new age entrepreneur.  Elon Musk – best known as the inventor of the Tesla electric car and having co-founded PayPal is known for having said ‘I think It’s very important to have a feedback loop, where you´re constantly thinking about what you’ve done and how you could be doing it better”.

These are just 7 habits that you can start to work on today. Make your life great and your business a game changer. You already have everything you need to make this happen – now it’s up to you to have the right attitude, mindset and habits to see it through.

Have we missed any other successful entrepreneur traits you can think of? Reply below to leave a comment and let us know your situation. We’d love to hear your thoughts, as your insights can help many others just like you. Best responses will get shared on our Facebook page. We look forward to hearing your feedback!

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