5 Ways To Ignite Your Entrepreneurial Spirit

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Have you ever wondered if you have what it takes to make it on your own? Do you have the entrepreneurial spirit to be able to pave your own way in life and do what it takes to succeed?

“Have you noticed patterns or signs out in the marketplace, that open up opportunities for you to contribute and make a difference?”

Do you find yourself always starting new projects, looking at ways to solve problems, being creative, constantly designing gadgets, looking towards change and innovation, and generally feeling optimistic about the future? Then perhaps you have some of the base characteristics needed to be successful in this game. The entrepreneurial spirit is filled with passion, positivity, leadership and ambition and if cultivated, can be so powerful that it can see dreams turn into realities, make fortunes and have long lasting impacts on society in general. Here are 5 unique ways to ignite that entrepreneurial spirit within you:

1. See where the opportunity lie

An entrepreneur cannot help but notice things. Gaps, areas that need improvements, shortfalls, and shortages. missing Inks and Information gaps, and general trends that can be created, amended, turned around or eliminated. What opportunities do you notice on a daily basis? How closely do you pay attention to what Is happening around you? Have you noticed patterns or signs out in the marketplace, that open up opportunities for you to contribute and make a difference? If not, then the best way to get your juices flowing is make a habit to look out for changes going on around you. A wise mentor once said – “If you can find a way to help the many, you can have everything you want.”

2. Embrace your passion and get started

Once you have your idea firmly cemented in your head and you are set on it, then get passionate about making it happen. Why is it important that you succeed it this venture? Only you know the true answer to this. Find a reason that will motivate you to beat the odds. A great example is Richard Branson who, despite being a high school dropout, is one of the most passionate and respected business people in the world. He has created an empire with Virgin ard currently runs over 400 businesses. He is driven out of pure passion for business and life. He simply got started and never looked back.

3. Build on your education and skills

They say your formal education will make you a living, yet your self-education will make you a fortune. One great way to spark up the entrepreneurial spirit and ensure you are always on your game is to keep on learning, developing, improving and growing. As another mentor mine Dale Beaumont once shared “If you are not green and growing, you are ripe and rotting”. Never stop your quest for knowledge and becoming a better version of yourself.

4. Aim high and set your goals

There’s nothing quite Iike setting a goal and actually achieving it. Some of the most successful entrepreneurs of our time like Steve Jobs, Bil Gates, and Oprah all aimed high and achieved some pretty outrageous goals. They have created legacies that have touched and positively impacted millions of people. Don’t settle for less. You are only limited by your imagination. If you aim for the moon, worst-case scenario is you land on a star. So, how high are you aiming?

5. Share your vision

Every big business starts out small business, and every successful entrepreneur has started at the bottom. The difference for them is that their vision was so compelling and magnetic that it attracted others to willingly join in and help make it happen. A great example a Mary Kay Ash, founder of Mary Kay Cosmetics, a company that has helped more than half a million women fulfill their dreams of owning a business. Google and Facebook are other examples of big companies that started out in dorm rooms and garages fuelled purely from passion. Once their vision has shared, our world has never been the same again!

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